Adverbial 부사

Adverbial '-게' is an adjective with '–ly' added in English. -게 changes an adjective into an adverbial form. To make it an adverbial form, just add –게 to the adjective stems.

Here are some adverbials.

Adjective Adverbial
완벽하다 perfect 완벽하게 perfectly
크다 big 크게 hugely
아름답다 beautiful 아름답게 beautifully
맛있다 delicious 맛있게 deliciously
쉽다 easy 쉽게 easily
짧다 short 짧게 shortly
친절하다 kind 친절하게 kindly
간단하다 simple 간단하게 simply
작다 small 작게 tinily
싸다 cheap 싸게 cheaply
부드럽다 soft; tender 부드럽게 softly; tenderly
씩씩하다 man 씩씩하게 manly
행복하다 happy 행복하게 happily
비싸다 expensive 비싸게 expensively
느리다 slow 느리게 slowly
빠르다 quick 빠르게 quickly
위험하다 dangerous 위험하게 dangerously
궁금하다 curious 궁금하게 curiously
아프다 painful 아프게 painfully
넓다 wide 넓게 widely

Adverbials have to be placed after nouns.


운동화를 싸게 샀어요. / I bought a pair of sneakers cheaply.
noun(운동화) + adverbial(싸게) + verb(사다)

문제를 간단하게 설명해 주세요. / Please explain the question simply.
noun(문제) + adverbial(간단하게) + verb(설명하다)

초콜릿 케이크를 맛있게 먹었어요. / (I) ate a chocolate cake deliciously.
noun(초콜릿 케이크) + adverbial(맛있게) + verb(먹다)


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