Consonants - 자음

자음 발음 Consonants Pronunciation

'g', 'k' (as in group, grace, go)
구름 (cloud) 가족 (family) 기술 (technique)

'n' (as in none, nature, name)
노래방 (karaoke) 나비 (butterfly) 노인 (elderly)

'd' (as in digest, date, dam)
도착하다. (to arrive) 다시 (again) 도로 (road)

'r', 'l' (as in lunch, lunar, road)
새로운 (new) 리본 (ribbon) 쓰레기 (trash)

'm' (as in morning, many, mile)
엄마 (mom) 모습 (appearance) 무릎 (knee)

'b' (as in best, bee, board)
바라보다. (to look at) 바지 (pants) 보름달 (full moon)

's' (as in strike, sweet)
시작하다. (to start) 수술 (operation) 사랑 (love)

'ng' (as in gong, lung, carrying)
응 (yes) 방 (room) 공 (ball)

'j' (as in jar, joke, job)
자라다. (to grow) 지우다. (to erase) 조개 (clam)

'ch' (as in chapter, chess, chop)
채소 (vegetable) 초라한 (shabby) 자동차 (car)

'k' (as in kiss, keyword, kale)
코미디 (comedy) 카메라 (camera) 카약 (kayak)

't' (as in tall, test, time)
태도 (attitude) 외투 (overcoat) 타워 (tower)

'p' (as in park, pizza, popcorn)
파 (green onion) 포도 (grape) 프랑스 (France)

'h' (as in habit, host, hole)
하다. (to do) 호랑이 (tiger) 무효 (invalidity)

strong 'k' (as in sky)
참깨 (sesame seeds) 깨우치다. (to make realize) 까치 (magpie)

't' (as in stop)
따라가다. (to follow) 뜨겁다 (hot) 때리다. (to hit)

'p' (as in speak, petite)
삐다. (to sprain) 뼈 (bone) 기쁘다. (be happy)

's' (as in sign, sour)
싸우다. (to fight) 쓰레받기 (dustpan) 싸구려 (cheap stuff)

'jj' (pretzel)
찌다. (to steam) 살찌다. (be fat) 쪼개다. (to split; to divide)

How to write consonants properly?

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