Interrogative Pronoun 의문 대명사

Korean has interrogative words that are similar to indefinite pronouns in English. The intonation determines whether they are used as question words or indefinite pronouns. If there is a rising intonation at the end of the sentence, the word is used as a question. If not, then the word functions as an indefinite pronoun.

누구 Who, Someone


누구 만났어? Who did you meet? / Did you meet someone?
누구 만났어. I met someone.

어제 누구랑 있었어? Who were you with yesterday?
어제 누구랑 있었어. I was with someone.

뭐 What, Something


뭐하고 있어? What are you doing? / Are you doing something?
뭐하고 있어. I'm doing something.

뭐라고 했어? What did you say?
뭐라고 했어. I said something.

어디 Where, Somewhere


어디 가요? Where are you going? / Are you going somewhere?
어디 가요. I am going somewhere.

어디에 있어? Where are you?
어디에 있어. I am somewhere.

어떻게 How, Somehow


어떻게 할 거야? How are you going to do?
어떻게 할 거야. I am going to do somehow.

이거 어떻게 열어요? How do I open this?

몇 How many, Some


차 몇 대 있어? How many cars do you have?
차 몇 대 있어. I have some cars.

티켓 몇 장 남았어요? How many tickets left?
티켓 몇 장 남았어요. Tickets left some.


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