Loanwords 외래어

Loanwords are words borrowed from other country's lanaguage with little or without translation. Therefore many Korean loanwords have different significations with its original meaning in English. Loanwords are frequently used in our daily lives. Here are examples.

Loanwords English Definition
볼펜 ball pen a ball-point pen
샤프 sharp a mechanical pencil
아파트 apart an apartment
에어컨 air-con an air-conditioner
가스레인지 gas-range a stove
비디오 카메라 video camera a camcorder
싸인 sign an autograph
골인 goal in goal!!!
개그맨/개그우먼 gag man/gag woman a comedian
아이스 커피 ice coffee iced coffee
슈퍼 super a supermarket
아이쇼핑 eye shopping window shopping
팬티 panty an underwear
오토바이 auto-bi a motorcycle
핸드폰 hand phone a cell phone
모닝콜 morning call a wake-up call
리모콘 re-mo-con a remote control
오바이트 over eat to puke
오버(하다.) over acting overly

How To Read Loanwords?

The sound ‘f’ and ‘p’ becomes 'ㅍ'
패스워드 password, 포스터 poster, 퍼블릭 public, 슈퍼 super, 펜 pen
패밀리 family, 폼 form, 리필 refill, 서핑 surfing, 뷔페 buffet

The sound 'g' becomes 'ㄱ', and 'ㄲ'
개그 gag, 그레이스 grace, 게스트 guest, 게임 game, 고스트 ghost

The sound ‘k’ becomes 'ㅋ'
키친 kitchen, 키스 kiss, 피카소 Picasso, 캐슬 castle, 크레딧 카드 credit card

The sounds ‘l’ and ‘r’ becomes 'ㄹ'
나일론 nylon, 레몬 lemon, 로고 logo, 런던 London, 러브 love
레스토랑 restaurant, 로봇 robot, 렘 rem, 로스트 roast, 링 ring

The sound ‘sh’ becomes 'ㅅ'
쉐이크 shake, 샤크 shark, 슈렉 Shrek, 셰익스피어 Shakespeare, 쇼핑 shopping

The sound 'th' becomes 'ㅅ' (‘th’ can also become ㅌ)
스릴 thrill, 헬스클럽 health club, 테라피 therapy

The sound ‘t’ becomes 'ㅌ'
타이 Thai, 테이프 tape, 팀 team, 테니스 tennis, 티아라 Tiara

The sounds ‘b’ and ‘v’ becomes 'ㅂ'
베이비 baby, 볼 ball, 뷰티 beauty, 베스트 best, 버스 bus, 벨 bell
비너스 Venus, 오버 over, 발리볼 volleyball, 비전 vision, 베일 veil

The sounds 'j' and 'z' becomes 'ㅈ'
엔진 engine, 제네바 Geneva, 젤라틴 gelatin, 조지 George

The sound that ends in 'b' or 'p' becomes the final consonant 'ㅂ', and the sound that ends in 'k' or 'g' become the final consonant 'ㄱ'.
랩 rap/lap, 몹 mob/mop, 톱/탑 top, 탭 tab/tap, 색 sag/sack, 백 back/bag


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